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We have to learn to live with it,
That's what the planners say.
Our cities must be built for it,
It's here with us to stay.
To satisfy the driving fad,
We have to build more roads,
No matter who we're driving mad,
With noise of shifting loads.
Of motorways there must be more,
Or so the planners prove,
More lorries with their thund'rous roar,
To keep things on the move.
So pull down houses, pull down shops,
As progress marches on,
Until one day the progress stops,
When buildings all have gone.
To have new roads, that was the scheme,
To take us anywhere,
But what was once the planners' dream,
Is now the planners' snare.
For now we've roads to everywhere,
It's time for us to know,
Though we can drive to anywhere,
There's nowhere left to go!
Derek Hartopp.

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