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Inflation, roaring inflation,
With costs rising like a balloon,
Inflation, soaring inflation,
Will have us all bankrupt quite soon.
Inflation, down at the station,
With fares up to ten bob a mile,
Inflation, a sad situation,
But we'll have to pay up and smile.
Inflation, and over-taxation,
Are now part of our way of life.
Inflation is crippling the nation,
And causing industrial strife.
Inflation, causing frustration,
Is making our life hard to bear.
Inflation may bring innovation,
When we can't afford clothes to wear.
Inflation, and now metrication,
Mean prices must reach a new peak.
The nation, to fight off starvation,
Must strike for ten thousand a week.
Inflation, perhaps emigration
Is the only way we'll stay alive.
Inflation, where is our salvation,
Can we as a nation survive?
Derek Hartopp.

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