(For this you need to have "Windows Media Player")
To listen:  From the Main Menu, select one of the Tune or Song menus, and then the title you want to hear.   With a broadband connection, it should start playing immediately.  With dial-up, it will download silently for about a minute, and then start playing.  This is because it takes longer to download than to play.   The first playing may be interrupted as  playing may sometimes catch up with downloading.  Subsequent playings should be clear, as the  music is stored in a "tempoary folder".
To save on your computer
RIGHT-click on your chosen title.  Choose from the displayed menu "Save Target As...".  Then choose from the displayed list where you want to save your chosen music, (e.g. "Desktop", "My Documents", etc.).  Then click "Save".  This may take a few minutes (depending on your connection speed), with progress shown on your screen.  When completed,You can play the music "offline"  whenever you want by just double clicking on its icon.
To save on floppy disc or CD: RIGHT-click on the icon you have made (as above).   From the menu choose "Send To" and then "3½ Floppy (A:)" or "DVD/CD-RW Drive  (D:)" as appropriate, making sure you have the correct disc inserted.  Alternatively, (for copying to CD), choose "Copy to CD or Device" (after right click).  (A floppy disc will store just one of the tunes from the "Jukebox" - for more you will need a CD).  To store more than one track on a CD you need to compile a "playlist" first. (Otherwise the disc will close after one track).  Please consult Media Player Help.

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