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Composer's Notes
(Remember when music was tuneful?)

TUNEFUL EASY LISTENING is my style of composition. It began as a hobby during mid life, and at a time when such music was increasingly becoming ousted by "pop".

My instruments have been the accordion and various forms of electronic keyboard.  With the aid of multi-track recording, I have over the years built up a collection of tunes and songs which, though enjoyed by some, sadly have no commercial value with today's publishers.  I am currently looking at other ideas for promotion, such as free distribution by the Internet, even if the recipients have to get their grandchildren to download it.

No - music has not been my career, but it has formed a large part of my life. I can look back on a series of amateur variety shows, pensioner concerts, carol services, new-year parties, church and Sunday school activities, and so on. Seldom paid for, but with the certain reward of seeing people happy.  Some wonderful moments of inspiration at the keyboard will never be forgotten.

Recordings are now compiled under the general label of "UNCHARTED MUSIC".  Uncharted, in both the sense that it will never be "chart" material, yet  is something new and  waiting to be discovered.  Realistic sounds of big bands, dance orchestras, etc. have been synthesized with a stereo multitrack keyboard.  There is a double cassette album of non-vocal music playing for two hours, and a CD version for almost 74 minutes.  Various other vocal recordings and short samplers are also available.  Lyrics range from gospel and world peace to light hearted political comment. One might say: "from the sublime to the satirical".  I nave an old-fashioned idea that a song should have a tuneful melody with a meaningful lyric.

Perhaps my nearest approach to a "hit" could be the song: "With Love in our Hearts".  An arrangement of this by Ray Steadman-Allen was published in the Musical Salvationist of April 1976. It has also appeared in later song books.  Songs about Alderney and the Isle of Wight were used and broadcast locally.

So where now?  I do not seek fame or fortune, or expect them,  but there has to be something here for someone to enjoy.  It may stand by itself, or possibly have a role as incidental or theme music in film or television.  Its relaxing nature could make it very suitable for all kinds of background or therapeutic use.  

Whatever your interest, whether as a possible "customer", a fellow musician in the same genre, or just someone who would like to listen, then I shall be pleased to hear from you.  In particular, I would like to exchange ideas on self publishing and Internet distribution.

Derek Hartopp.

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