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About Uncharted Music

"Uncharted Music"® is produced independently by the composer.  It does not come through publishers or record companies, or in any way through the "music industry".  It is NOT "copyright free".  The copyright is strictly retained by the composer, and all material here is offered for private use only.  See "Conditions of Use".

It is "uncharted" both in the sense of  awaiting discovery, and also of never being in the pop charts.  It will appeal mainly to the more senior age groups, who remember the tuneful sounds of the fifties and sixties (and before).  A modern electronic keyboard has been used to realistically mimic the sounds of big bands, dance orchestras, etc.  It is a mixture of songs and instrumental pieces.

The older generation today seem to be more and more left out of the popular music scene, and it is hoped that this may to some extent fill the gap.  Radio networks and the music industry now seem almost entirely dominated by "pop", which although appealing to young people,  can to the older listener sound like so much discordant sceaming and wailing.  (More on this in "Remember when music was tuneful?).  

It is also hoped through this site to make contact with any other composers promoting their own music by the Internet, to exchange ideas, and perhaps set up a network of such sites.

The contents of tune muenus 1 and 2 should make "easy listening" for a variety of purposes.  These non-vocal melodies can be compiled into a playlist and copied onto a blank CD.  As for the songs, I am the first to admit rhat I don't have the best singing voice.  However, I have tried to get somewhere near the right note, and make the words intelligible - something not achieved by many of today's pop singers.
Do you prefer earlier style easy listening to "pop" music?

As an older listener do you feel neglected in your style of music?

Do you write or compose in any of these styles yourself?
If so do you want to start your own music website?

This website needs to be interactive.  Please e-mail your comments and ideas to:-

(As an anti-spam precaution, the above address is not linked.  Please type it
manually onto your email form).

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